Wow, today Angelien and I ripped the book to shreds and then put it back together again in its best order. We took out all of our conversations during her stories in favour for an introduction and an epilogue.

Our Amazon Kindle series had 7 volumes
1- The Gift
2 - Interviews and Pussy Chatter
3 - Health Checks & Coworkers
4 - On night in the brothel
5 - Cheese & Dungeons
6 - Cordial & Secretaries
7 - Quitting time

As of today we have correctly timelined the above content for the book and added more. So the book will now contain

Chapter 1 – Interviews & Health Checks
Chapter 2 – Pussy Chatter & House Calls
Chapter 3 – Co-workers & Cheese (with more on Christina)
Chapter 4 – One night in the brothel
Chapter 5 – Called out to a Dungeon (extended)
Chapter 6 – Conversations in 2012  
Chapter 7– Cordial & Secretaries
Chapter 8 – Quitting Time (no longer follows Angelien to her next job & boyfriends, instead focuses on all of the reasons she left besides the stalker)
Chapter 9 – Call backs & Opportunities (This one is all new content!)
Chapter 10 – Moving on but not far enough (car yard and the gift)

As soon as we have finished the next edit of the first 4 chapters I will put the new fully edited teaser up on Amazon, so watch this space because I will do a promo straight away and will announce it here first!

Take Care! I will keep you updated with our progress.

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