It's a beautiful time for us right now, the book is written and we are just tweaking it here and there, slowly meandering through the text, trying to make it all flow beautifully, like water through your fingers.

On top of that, being self published means that you are also self promoted. I have been busy trying to get the word out there about our impending book launch. Today I put up a new You Tube video of me reading from Confidante: The Brothel Chapter 2, Pussy Chatter & House Calls. I read out Pussy Chatter as best I could! I was a bit nervous even though I was just sitting in a room on my own! Go easy on me - it was my first try.

Here it is -
It's a little on the dark side - I might use a different camera next time.

Anyway, better head off - so much promotion, so little time!

lots of love, Lilli xxx

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