I'm really happy today because my self imposed break from writing is over, and I can go on without guilt; my routines are in place, and as long as I follow them, I (hopefully) won't miss anything important! Ah the life of a wife/mother/writer - there isn't much time left between caring for everyone, our home, exercise and writing. Angelien worries that I might burn myself out, but I know I'll be fine; I just need to be VERY organised.

Today has been filled with children's things and visits, so my writing time isn't scheduled until tonight when the children are in bed and hubby is at work - my fingers itch, my characters are knocking on the walls of my head, and I have a hefty supply of coffee!

If you have been reading my recent blog posts you will know that I am working on a romance/drama right now. I will start posting some excerpts up soon and putting the chapters up on Amazon for you all to read as I write it. I would love to get some feedback on it as I go along so keep a eye on this blog for the free days.

Confidante: The Escort is coming - it has been time lined and Angelien has started writing her memories down, she just has some family matters to attend to interstate before we start writing together again. I will let you know how she is progressing as we go along.

In the meantime, I will keep you updated on how my story is going - I really don't like it's working title at the moment so I am hoping that as you all read along, one of you might have a better idea for me.

Anyway! I have rambled enough and need to get back to my family. It's almost dinner time here in Australia, so we are winding down for the day.

Bye for now!

Lilli xoxoxo

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