While I'm sure you've all enjoyed some different blog posts from me for a while. I'm afraid I have to return to blogging about how I'm travelling with Alter. 

Those of you who follow me on facebook already know most of this because I am constantly banging on about how far into rewrites I am.

The good news is, that I have finished the first run through and have added a good 10 thousand words to the manuscript.  

The bad news is, that I'm not happy enough with it. My beta readers all came back with wonderful feedback and either loved or liked the story. So I know that it's on track but it still needs something more, something that I'm hoping I'll put my finger on as I do a second run through of the text.

This time I am editing as I go along,  I'm looking closely at my sentence structure and the way I'm setting the scene. I think that I have all of the important parts of the story in the right place,  it seems to be the little things that are lacking. I need to work fast though, because I'm due to send it back to beta readers by Monday. 

Time to get the coffee on and to get typing!

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